24 Jan - 23 Dec 2022
24 Jan - 23 Dec 2022

Falx Manga (Japanese graphic novel) Set 1900 years ago on Hadrian’s Wall

Online year long event

Year long, from 24 Jan 2022

  • Wheelchair accessibile

Delivered by: Romy

One day in the first half of the second century A.D., a Roman soldier stationed at Hadrian’s Wall in northern Britannia meets a poorly-dressed boy. At first, they can’t even communicate with each other as they don’t speak the same language…

This manga series depicts clashes and bonding between people of different cultures and backgrounds. The story tries to bring to life the experience of living by the Wall 1900 years ago. Bring Falx with you on your trip to Hadrian’s Wall in 2022. The manga is available online, so you can take it anywhere you go! (If you have a smartphone and internet access, that is.) Be it at the Roman Army Museum, Vindolanda, Housesteads, Birdoswald or Arbeia Roman Fort, try and see if you recognize some details from what you’ve already seen in the manga! (Or read it after visiting Hadrian’s Wall and see how much you can remember.)

About the author: Born in Nara Japan, Romy (@CARPEDIEM_LIMES) has been drawing manga from about the age of ten. Influenced by great works of Osamu Tezuka and Rose of Versailles (a manga about the French Revolution by Riyoko Ikeda), she has keen interest in creating historical manga herself that can bring out fresh ideas. Visiting Hadrian’s Wall in the summer of 2019 truly inspired her to draw a manga series about the lives of Roman soldiers in the ancient frontier posts. Thanks to the 21st century internet technologies, she was able to still connect with the people in the UK and Europe during the pandemic.

Read the Falx series here