24 Jan - 23 Dec 2022
24 Jan - 23 Dec 2022
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Future Pasts: walk for Refugee Week 2022


25 Jun 2022


Delivered by D6: Culture in Transit

Future Pasts is artist Henna Asikainen’s latest commission with D6, building on previous projects that explore nature, community and belonging. Henna’s community walks bring together people new to the North East in walks along Hadrian’s Wall.

The participatory project invites families and people with lived experience of migration and displacement to come together to discover and explore local landscapes. As Henna says: ‘The approach is grounded in the notions of friendship and radical hospitality and recognition – meaning to make welcome and to dissolve the barriers that prevent people from participating fully in their communities.’

The walks give participants the opportunity to discover new local surroundings, to amble, to forage for plants, to take time out, and to share the experience with one another. Speaking from experience, Henna says: ‘This ability to access and experience landscape and nature provides an important psychological and emotive link between countries of origin and destination, even when they present very different characteristics. Finding my way into the countryside, experiencing the landscape and nature that surrounds this city (Newcastle) helped me to put down roots – to begin to feel at home. My projects have been built around this experience and sharing what I have discovered about building a sense of belonging.’

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