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Join us for one last celebration as we commemorate a wonderful year and draw a close to the Hadrian’s Wall 1900 Festival this December.

Saturnalia was possibly the most popular Roman festival and is most closely associated with Christmas and merrymaking.

The word ‘Saturnalia’ means ‘an occasion of wild revelry or indulgence’

So what better way to end a year of celebration than a wall-wide knees up!

Here you can find a range of different ways to celebrate Saturnalia this December, from home activity packs to a mischievous touring pop up party!

Create your own Saturnalia event

Throughout December we are inviting anyone and everyone to join the festivities and deliver their own Saturnalia celebrations, events and...

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Download Saturnalia Packs

Use our activity packs to help you with your celebrations. Pick from traditional Roman recipes, Saturnalia Songs, and inspiration on...

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Saturnalia Tour

Saturnalia is a travelling installation made up of music, creative lighting, fire, interactive projection and an entertaining troupe of mischief and merrymakers.

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Saturnalia Events

Saturnalia is an ancient Roman festival and holiday in honour of the god Saturn, take a look at some of the Saturnalia-themed events happening along the wall.

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